Getting Started with Explorer
To try the explorer visit the one 0Chain network at: https://beta.0chain.net/

Creating Wallet and Allocation

Accessing the Explorer for first time from the browser will prompt you to create a wallet and allocation or recover wallet.
A wallet contains your ZCN tokens to perform storage functionalities on 0Chain dStorage. To recover a wallet you should have a mnemonic phrase for your old 0chain wallet. For instructions on how to recover using mnemonic visit the recover wallet section.
To create a new wallet and save files on 0chain decentralized network, click on create wallet and allocation.
After clicking on create wallet and allocation, you will be redirected to files sections of the 0Stor which is the 0Chain's decentralized storage platform. (The Files section will be highlighted with the light blue color and shows the list of the files uploaded by the user on 0Chain dStorage).

Check Wallet Balance

You can check your current ZCN token Balance in the upper right corner (which is 0.00 in the below screenshot). By default, 0.5 tokens are locked in write and read pools when you create a wallet.\

Get Test Tokens

Storing files on 0Chain dStorage, require ZCN tokens to get some test tokens lets use the send me test ZCN feature located in the 0wallet section.
1. Navigate to 0Wallet on the upper right.
2. Click on Send me Test ZCN Blue Button at the centre.
3. You will see our Balance increased by 1 ZCN token in the upper right corner.